GlobeGround Malta (GGM)

GlobeGround Malta (GGM)

At GlobeGround Malta (GGM), we are one of two companies handling ground services at Malta International Airport.

Fully-licensed to conduct passenger, ramp and cargo handling services, we are the appointed ground handling agent for a wide range of international airlines that operate into Malta International Airport.  We can handle all types of commercial aircraft, from private jets  to B747s.

We employ 200 staff at Malta’s airport and we have grown consistently since we started operations in 2005; today we handles over 1 million passengers and 6000 flights a year. The extensive local expertise of our management team ensures that we are truly able to live up to our mission…

to constantly pursue commercial growth and operational excellence through an uncompromising company-wide commitment to safety, quality and service to passengers and airlines alike by deploying the highest recognised industry standards which can enable GlobeGround Malta to establish itself as the leading Ground Handling Agent in Malta,

And our stated vision..

to enhance the reputation of Malta, and its airport with leading airlines through the provision of safe, reliable, yet creative and innovative Ground Handling Solutions